H E A VY - D U T Y  D E S I G N 

Heavy-duty design is design that works. Every element has a purpose. The purpose is to communicate. There are no meaningless gimmicks, gilding, or frills. Ads are designed to sell. Magazine design is tuned to invite reading. Logos are created and presented to establish a distinct identity. A heavy-duty design will not make a bad idea good, an unwanted product desirable, or a frivolous service necessary. Nevertheless, properly executed, heavy-duty design will always make something that is great even better.

"Pennie Works Studio blew us away with their creativity, their professionalism, and the quality of their work. We could not have been more pleased with the final product, and we look forward to being enthusiastic return customers in the near future."

— Melanie Loehwing, co-creator of Rebuilding Main Street

Copyrights for the items presented here are held by their respective owners. Images, art, and photos displayed are not for distribution or reproduction. Mail any correspondence to PWS, 601 S. Washington, #278, Stillwater, OK 74078. Pennie Works Studio™

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