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Logo Utility, Part 2

In an earlier post, I talked about how the media channels have exploded. The savvy marketeer will match a channel or channels that best reach their target market. So far so good. The trouble comes when the logo, the very thing that says who you are, the bug that packs the brand message that you have been cultivating for years, is unrecognizable because its design turns to visual mush. In other words, a logo that looks great on your business card is unrecognizable on the smartphone of your potential customers.

So what does the savvy marketeer do? He or she expands their definition a logo to think in terms of a toolbox of marks.

I built such a logo toolbox for a local church a year or two ago. As of yet, these marks have not been accepted (sigh) but not rejected either. The machinery of the presbytery grinds slow.

My only hesitation about this example is it is way too busy and has far more detail than is good. Nevertheless, these work well as an example for a toolbox.

An optional gray halo around a logo gives a little separation when the background is busy.

Note that color does add to the appeal of the marks and should be used consistently whenever possible but none of these marks is color dependent. By that, I mean each badge has weight, distinction, and voice without any color. A good design stands up in black and white without any gradients or fine details.

More later.

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