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My 1 Millionth Cup of Coffee

In May, I presented Pennie Works Studio at Stillwater's 1 Million Cups event. I have been negligent with my blog posts and am trying to catch up so I know this particular post is a little past its sell-by-date. But it was kind of a deal and still should be talked about.

1 Million is a nation-wide program that encourages entrepreneurialism by providing an opportunity for entrepreneurs to gather, network, and learn from each other. The monthly event features two entrepreneurs giving a 6-minute talk followed by 20 minutes of Q&A. This particular one included a live video feed that remains now in cloud perpetuity.

While my talk did produce some buzz, the encouragement was not for me to prosper in graphic design but in doing stand-up comedy. I just want to say I really do drive a 11-year old Hyundai and the house really does need siding. Not sure why that is funny.

Click here to see it. My bit starts at the halfway point. It is what it is.

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