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This Is the Catchy Title that Goes Here

Running your own business is a job of balancing tasks. Keeping the main thing the main thing is not easy. Some things have to be done. Yet the main thing has to be the thing one does best.

But nothing is normal now, is it? The pandemic has knocked everything off-center. Everything that used to happen in the regular course of business feels tentative as if those factors we relied on are no longer reliable. Uncertainty makes it certain that nothing much happens.

Meanwhile, the graphic designer is useful when an enterprise starts up, expands its product and service lines, or works to position itself to grow into new markets. So the trick for a successful graphic designer is to work at marketing your business while you are too busy with work to market your business.

I was to busy so I let a lot of things slide, like promoting some business.

Wasting away again in Coronaville.

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